Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The "Addams Family"

In lieu of #Halloween, The original "#AddamsFamily#Home

Thinking about selling, What can a Real Estate Agent do for you...

If your thinking about selling your "Home" 
Your Real Estate Agent can assist you with these items below...

Determining the correct a price to sell your "Home"
Hold Open House 
Schedule showings with potential buyers 
Enter your property in Multiple Listing Service
Place ads in newspapers, mags, etc.
Contact buyers by phone, mail, etc.
Advertise or place listing on Internet
Review sales contracts/purchase offers
Negotiate with buyers
Coordinate appraisal, home inspection, etc.
Pre-qualify buyers for a mortgage
Manage paperwork, contracts, etc. 
Attend closing

Monday, September 26, 2016

Steps to Buying a House

          Buying a Home is a process, it could be short or long. Key things to remember is that every home is not the same. Below is the simple version of the process but keep in mind there are some hiccups along the way but remember your working with professionals, we will try our best to make it a smooth sailing to home ownership.

1. First step find a realtor
    So that means "Call Me".

2. Get approved for a "Mortgage"
     What do you qualify for? There are options FHA loan, VA loan, Conventional loan, etc

3. Let the search begin
House Hunting time

4. Make an Offer
Thats right,cross your X and O's, hopefully your offer will be accepted.

5. Home Inspection
As beutiful as you future home may look, it's wise to and mandatory on some loans to have an inspection done. Trust me its worth it.

6.Close, Close, Close
Be prepared to sign a lot of paperwork, but its all worth it, your signing the Deed to your Home.

7. Congratulation your a Home Owner
Don't forget to invite me to the house warming. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


"FREE" that's right "FREE"
Realtors are eager and willing to talk to you about your "HOME"
Here are some examples of the services that a Realtor may offer.
 Please free to contact us.
We love to talk Real Estate with you.

*Free Consultation
*Information on the prices of Homes in your neighborhood.
*Listing reports of the current homes for sale in your neighborhood.
*Free guide and information on what you need to do to Sell your home.
*Free information on what you need to do to buy a home.

Once Again
We love to talk Real Estate with you.
 Please free to contact us.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016


#TOTD on #RealEstate #Comparables #COMPS #SELLERS
When it comes to comps,  here are some of the factors that will affect the price.
1: Location within the #Neighborhood : Cul De Sac's for example offer more privacy and space compared the first the home near a busy street for the exact same subdivision.
2: #Home #Lot: A hilly terrain or a home on a steep slope comes with a lot of disadvatages unless your a down hill skier. Having a picnic outside might be hard when your fruits roll down the hill.
3: #Renovations: "House A" is prestine and has the same look from when it was originally built in the early 90's, compared to House B next door that comes with the updated kitchen and bathroom. As a #buyer which one do you think will be more desirable.
4: #New #Construction: could be a good or bad thing. The land value might be worth less or more from the time you bought the #property. The homes being built might be on a complete different price bracket than your home. A home worth $20k in the 60's maybe on the same block with house being built for the 2010's worth $500k+ now i wonder what the property tax will be.
5: #Listing price vs #Sales price: Listing Price is what the #SELLER want to sell their house for. I want to sell my 2008 Dodge Charger for $28,000 but that doesn't mean its worth that since a 2016 Charger is going for $28,000. The #Sales price is the sold inventory the actual price the home sold for on the market.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Look for a place to "RENT"

Looking for a place to "RENT". I would love to HELP. 
Realtors can give you a list of the available Rental properties in your area, as well negotiate on your behalf on the lease just to name a few.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What was the result of Brexit to the U.S?

The Brexit comes to the U.S. as a rainbow in the Rain.
The Brittish leaves the European Union and the Stock Market  drops in the chaos but  also the current “MORTGAGE RATES”.

 Basically if your thinking of buying home or refinancing, now is a good time
 Mortgage rates are going for the low 3%. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Making the home buying process easier!

"Download my FREE Mobile App"
I'm Making the home buying process easier!
Simplify the mortgage process by installing my app. Calculate monthly payments, send important documents, and stay up to date on the mortgage process & your home loan.

Home is wherever MOM is..

Sunday, April 17, 2016

       This is a snippet of the monthly inspiration that I receive from my Broker Dave Hess of Avery Hess Realtors. With the record low rates and income potential everyone should be taking advantage of the income opportunity that is available today.
Hey Gang,
So what's the big deal about investing anyway? Let's build a foundation to answer that question. When someone is a W-2 employee, they are taxed at the highest rates, the government takes out all sorts of deductions before the employee ever even smells the money, and the employee has no control on the timing of the receipt of the money or the payment of taxes. Darn near nothing is deductible as a pre-tax expense. And the total amount of money one can make is limited by both the number of hours in a day and how much the boss is willing to pay. Ah, but when you become a property investor, with positive cash flow, you have all of the expense deductions of a real estate agent, but you are no longer limited to the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day. Now you make money while you sleep! You have people who go to work every day so they can mail you a check once per month. You have people going to work to make you rich. And because of depreciation and other expenses, some of your cash flow is now "tax sheltered." Once you master the skills of being a positive cash flow investor, the sky is the limit to how much money you can have coming in every month.
When you hear politicians talking about the disparity between the rich and the poor, they are not talking about the difference between low paid W-2 employees and high paid W-2 employees. They are talking about RICH investors with money POURING IN MONTHLY. Money they did not have to punch a time card to get. This is not magic that is unattainable for you. With some book knowledge, a burning desire, and a plan that you commit to, you can attain it. And there are many people you that have done it who can guide you. I promise you it is possible. But it is only possible if you think it is.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Real Estate Income Quick Formula

Quick Worksheet for Real Estate Income Property

Purchase Price - Market Value = (Income Potential)
Income PotentialAfter Repair Value (ARV)= (Potential Income)
Potential Income/MortgageAvg Rental for area= Income Potential

          Above is a quick formula for analyzing Real Estate Income Property. #1 Rule is to look for a Deal. The reason why is because of the old saying "Buy low Sell high."  Key point to keep in mind is that nothing is set in stone and Real Estate Investing is a risk.

Purchase Price Market Value? = (Income Potential)
          In order to "Buy low Sell high" the purchase price that you are going to buy the property should be less than the current Market Value. The percentage amount your looking for on average should be no less than 30% - 40%. 
                                Income Potential – After Repair Value (ARV)*= (Potential Income)
          To make a profit you also need room or a cushion for other expenses such as ARV            (After Repair Value) which consist of the upgrades or fixes to make the property appealing to potential buyer. Whether its just cosmetics or full renovation such as knocking out a wall the cost has to be accounted for since it plays a big factor the income.   

                               Potential Income/Mortgage*– Avg Rental for area?Income Potential
         If the property is going to be use as a Rental Property, its best to subtract the Mortgage by the Average Rentals in the area this will give you an idea of your Income Potential. Do your research, because a a rental that is not price correctly will become more of an expense than an income generator. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

How to pass the Maryland Real Estate exam the first time

         Congratulations on your journey on getting your Real Estate License for the State of Maryland.
Below are some helpful hints and tips on passing the exam. The MD Real Estate exam consist of 2 parts; a National Exam portion and the MD State exam portion.

Passing the National Real Estate Exam:

  1.  The National Real Estate Exam portion is all about Vocabulary. So get some flash cards and    remember those keywords and terms such as Eminent Domain, Joint Tenant and etc...
  2. Create different Analogies to help remember what different Vocabulary terms means, example Joint Tenant could be related to your left arm; your left arm is made up of your hand, forearm and shoulder. These different parts make up your Left arm as a whole similar to a Joint Tenant relationship where "two or more persons in  each owns an undivided interest in the whole."

Passing the Maryland State Exam:

  1. The Maryland State Exam is a little harder due to a limited amount of questions. The key to passing this portion is study your training material as a Broker not as a Sale Person. The reason I say this is because alot of questions are related to the Broker do's and don't's as well as the Broker requirements, responsibilities and duties.  
  2. Visit the Maryland Real Estate website for current information on the laws that govern Realtors, due to the study materials not being up to date with the current market. Here is a direct link on the Do's and Don't's for Maryland Real Estate. 
  Good luck on the exam, study your materials entirely and stick to what you have learned because the questions on the MD state exam are tricky and misleading design to have you second guessing. If you followed my guideline you will definitely pass. If you failed one portion of the test your halfway there since you only have to complete the failed portion within a year.

Once you pass the next step is aligning yourself with a Broker which is another story all be itself. Please reach out to me call/text or email I will love to help you on choosing a Broker or answer any questions that you may have.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

For Virginia Residents Seeking Down
Payment Assistance …
The VHDA’s DPA Grant program is back!

If your a Virginia Resident this is pretty awesome

Monday, March 7, 2016

Coal to Diamond, as hideous and dirty as coal is with the right amount of pressure it becomes a diamond. The reason for this analogy is to highlight the endless amount of homes available that just needs a little bit of TLC to become a gem. Below is a few pictures that highlight how a few changes creates beauty.

Window sidings, red door color and landscaping now we have a beauty.

New paint job, removal of the car and landscaping now we have a beauty to sell.

New paint job and awesome photoshop work, now this is a house to look at.

New paint and nicer furniture but the difference can be seen.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tax benefits for owning a Home

         Owning a home comes with some nice benefits. When your doing your taxes keep on eye out on the easter eggs listed below. Though these benefits are great, make sure you do your research for the details and specifications at

Capital Gains Exclusion
If you decide to sell your home, the profit you make could be all yours and tax free. 
$500k Married; $250k Single
Ex. You bought your home w/ your spouse for $500k, sold the home for $800k making $300k in profit. Well with the Capital Gain exclusion the $300k is all yours without good ole Uncle Sam having to take his piece as well. 

Mortgage Interest
Taxes on your mortgage is deductible as well for the following year

Home Office Deduction
If your using a space in your home for business purposes, it could qualify for a tax credit as well. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Hidden work of your Realtor Charles, Byron Charles

Behind the scenes, something from a 007 James Bond movie. Your Realtor is dodging fires, driving 100 mph, evading all obstacles for Queen and Country (which is for you the Client).
Well really and not really. Truthfully there is alot of behind the scenes work that your Realtor does with no public credit to ensure a smooth transaction. Credit to and on some of the many things that we do... thank me later :)