Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Who has the best schools in Maryland?

     Maryland is filled with people and homes, with that comes families, with families comes children. A question asked time after time from my clients "What is the best school in my area". Simple question but a hard question to answer. What makes a "good" or "great" school that is where different opinions weigh different results. Does a test score truly determine the nurturing and fundamental learning that a child receives from a teacher who cares? or does it represent the social atmosphere of the school. 
     As a Realtor, honestly I could never answer that question? Why? because I'm an Equal Housing Opportunity ambassador and I have no way of rating different schools personally or by my opinion. My expertise is real estate, what I always suggest to my clients is to do their own research by taking a tour of the school, asking fellow parents their opinions or experience from their kids attending that particular school and also to visit the websites listed below. Pay attention to what criteria that these sites use for there rankings such as test scores and grading, what you might consider more valuable to your children education is different for others. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tips in Flipping Houses

A Detailed Business Plan will have to be created.

A Team will be needed, consisting of different members. Here is just a few.
Realtor - ****Thats me (Byron Charles)****
Title Company 

Key Things to consider in flipping..
Courtesy of the #1 Real Estate Brokerage in Maryland 'AVERY HESS REALTORS

1. Total cost to purchase + repairs =Estimated  ARV (after repair value)
When you purchase that coal, you have to factor in the cost to turn it into a diamond.

2. Cost to carry the property (example HOA or Condo fees that needs to be payed monthly)
HOA and Conda fees are necessary payments that needs to be paid or else a lien could be place on the property before your even ready to sell.

3. Cost to Borrow money 
Many different types of loans such as  FHA, Conventional or ARM. Each loan has interest rates and stipulation that needs to be factored. Example 

4. Cost to Sell the property 
Example warranties, additions, renovation and advertisement. Updating kitchens, bathroom and appliances have a cost as well but those nice addition makes your property highly desired in the market. 

5. Cost to fix up the property
Repair cost and labor need be factored in.

6. Profit margin
The final and most important after the  (Cost-Sold value). If your business plan was done correctly, Green should be your margin not Red.