Monday, September 26, 2016

Steps to Buying a House

          Buying a Home is a process, it could be short or long. Key things to remember is that every home is not the same. Below is the simple version of the process but keep in mind there are some hiccups along the way but remember your working with professionals, we will try our best to make it a smooth sailing to home ownership.

1. First step find a realtor
    So that means "Call Me".

2. Get approved for a "Mortgage"
     What do you qualify for? There are options FHA loan, VA loan, Conventional loan, etc

3. Let the search begin
House Hunting time

4. Make an Offer
Thats right,cross your X and O's, hopefully your offer will be accepted.

5. Home Inspection
As beutiful as you future home may look, it's wise to and mandatory on some loans to have an inspection done. Trust me its worth it.

6.Close, Close, Close
Be prepared to sign a lot of paperwork, but its all worth it, your signing the Deed to your Home.

7. Congratulation your a Home Owner
Don't forget to invite me to the house warming. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


"FREE" that's right "FREE"
Realtors are eager and willing to talk to you about your "HOME"
Here are some examples of the services that a Realtor may offer.
 Please free to contact us.
We love to talk Real Estate with you.

*Free Consultation
*Information on the prices of Homes in your neighborhood.
*Listing reports of the current homes for sale in your neighborhood.
*Free guide and information on what you need to do to Sell your home.
*Free information on what you need to do to buy a home.

Once Again
We love to talk Real Estate with you.
 Please free to contact us.